Phuket Taxi Service, Phuket Car Hire, Phuket Driver service
Phuket Taxi Service, Phuket Car Hire, Phuket Driver service Phuket Taxi Service, Phuket Car Hire, Phuket Driver service Phuket Taxi Service, Phuket Car Hire, Phuket Driver service



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We are a well established company that has been offering Daily, Weekly and monthly Car rental here in Phuket for many years.

During this time we have worked very closely with many western companies and have adopted their business practices, it was demanded of us, how else could we have a contined relationship with the likes of KELLYS HOTEL etc? All our services are highly dependable, reliable and above all, insured, which is a novelty in this part of the world.

We have now expanded past just Car Rentals and now offer a reliable Taxi Service throughout Phuket and a Daily Driver/Tour Guide Service, this gives you a safe way to acces to all the local knowledge you need, to see the best kept secrets of Phuket.

All our drivers speak very good English, and will only take you to the best beaches and places of interest, and absolutely will NOT take you to the numerous tourist traps around the island where other drivers will earn a comission, and while they are at it waste alot of your time and money.

CALL US on Local: 0866011196 or Int: +66-866011196
or email us here or here,
for the safest, most reliable car service on Phuket.


Kelly's Hotel Phuket - The Complete Package….



Kelly's hotel phuket is with out doubt one of the best small to mid-range boutique hotels in Phuket, for quality and price, with rooms way above our price range and amoney back guarantee if not completely satisfied, we have it all, 5 mins from the main big shopping centre, the best restaurants and entertainment centre, but not in amongst the noise, and no more than 12 -15 min healthy walk from beach, book direct save on ridiculous booking fees, email

To book a room you can go on or or lots of photos of hotel and rooms, very cheap prices for the quality of the hotel, by far superior to even to the big chains.

Email us direct and the return email will have all the information for easy bookings.

For things to do in Phuket and surrounding areas, we have that also, so no tramping the streets look for cheapest - guaranteed you will end up getting scammed.
We get you the best tours at the best price it only takes a couple of minutes and a phone call, it took us years to find out the good from bad also with the help of all those tourists that went before you and gave these tours the thumbs up, you cannot get off a plane and know what took us years.
All tours we give too you at cost to us, Why, because if you use a tour booth or internet we have to be here in the morning to sort it out if bus doesn't turn up  and to interpret if the driver has trouble finding you, the companies that take your money are not there to sort it out if it all goes wrong, and it does happen often, we still do the work, so why not do it right with one phone call to the right people, we also get you money back if you cant go.
We have the best Taxi contacts email us, if they do the wrong thing we stop using them, power to the people, but we do recommend pay fair and just, it keeps everything in good working order.


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Kelly's Hotel Phuket - The Complete Package….